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To celebrate what would have been Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary, Brad suggested we teke Mom back up to the French River. Mom and Dad courted and then honeymooned on the French River.

Although the Bon Air Lodge is now gone, we were able to visit the site of the lodge and all the surrounding area. Like our Dad, we found the fish to be 'shy', lol.

Although Dad passed in 1992, we think of him every day and the French River trip was one that I'll always treasure.

This is a beautiful area of Ontario - one I'll visit again for sure.
Mom on the French RiverMom relaxingFishing in the Mist

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Sam Pilch(non-registered)
Thanks for posting these pics. My parents bought Bon Air Lodge in 1973 and moved our family from Toronto, Jane and Finch to be exact. Mom, Dad and 5 young girls have so many memories of the lodge. I have been back twice since Dad sold the lodge. The first time was sad, the lodge and five cottages were still there but in ruins. The second time everything was gone, not a building left. Even the boat house was gone. The new home/cottage on the property looks great there. I hope they love the space as much as we did.
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