Zenfolio | Michele M Potter | Organ Donor Swim Lake Muskoka, July 28, 2018
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30km relay swim, crossing Lake Muskoka, raising awareness for creating a Live Organ Donor Registry.
Organized by Ricky Jacobs and family, who know first hand how critical it is that people consider organ donation, both live organ donations and after death organ donations.
Canada should strongly consider an Opt-out program versus our current method of Opting-in to donate organs. An Opt-out program would mean that everyone is considered to have opted in to the organ donor program unless they opt-out.
In partnership with the Kidney Foundation of Canada and Camp Kivita, funds raised will send kids to a unique summer camp experience this August in Muskoka. Camp Kivita is an independent summer camp for children with solid organ transplants – heart, kidney, liver, lung and bowel transplants, as well as those living with organ failure.

This relay swim took place on Saturday July 28, 2018. We had a very mixed-weather kind of day. We had at least 4-5 bouts of rain mixed in with a few awesome sunny bursts. And then it would rain again, but there was no thunder or lightening so we carried on.
I was very proud to be a part of this day, for this worthy cause.